Thursday, August 9, 2007

Done with my first sweater...sorta

It's been sooo hot here lately. Luckily today wasn't so bad...I could knit a little bit. I knit my first sweater. For some reason (I'm on Dad's computer since mine is still broke) I can't load pictures to the blog. Check it out here: PhotoBucket . The pattern is for Christmas ornaments that will be Nicole's birthday gift (hopefully...). They are from the Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel (blog here). So it's sorta my first sweater. A good intro to sweaters at least. I started a golden snitch one too but it's only halfway done. Last week I also finished a St. Balderick's hat...a little too big though. I guess my knitting has changed in the past few months. It'll just be for a bigger kid (it fits my head).

You'll also see Dude and Squirt in my new pictures. They're my two new baby turtles, named after the turtles in Finding Nemo, that I got from Chinatown last week. They're now happily in a tank swimming everywhere. If only I could knit something for them it'd be perfect.