Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I need to knit something...

I've finished Harry Potter!!! I'm so sad it's over though...tear. I'm trying to convince Nicole and Kimi to go see the movie in the IMAX theater roomie here said good things.

Tomorrow I'm thinking of going to a LYS that was listed in Stitch N Bitch. I've picked out a bunch of knitting patterns for Christmas gifts...trying to get a head start. Speaking of...I got 4 new knitting books this weekend. I got Charmed Knits (don't remember the author's last name offhand...Alison something...she has a blog out there somewhere too) which is all Harry Potter inspired knits. Amazing. I also got 3 Vogue Knitting books...Ponchos, Felting, and Scarves Two...all for $2 each at Barnes and Noble. Those are my few updates as for now...all of my free time has been spent on Harry Potter. I don't know what to do with myself now!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Updates :o)

Well it's been a while. I've been living in Brooklyn for 2 weeks...without internet. Hence the lack of updates. There was a thunderstorm while I was at work a few days before I left for the city and I didn't unplug the computer that morning. Sooo, the internet doesn't work but everything else does, which I guess is a good thing. The neighbors around us lost TVs and other appliances too, which made Dad think that there's no grounding wires in any of our houses (illegal). He's looking into fixing it soon.

As for my knitting, I finsihed the front and back panels of the Little Black (Teal) Top. Now I just have to sew them together and block, but I'll wait until I'm back from the city to do all that. Too much for my little dorm room to handle. I'm going to work on some hat kits from Three Black Sheep for St. Baldrick's. I bought a bunch of kits to sell to Stitches at Geneseo and no one ever brought money for them so they're all mine. I figured they're easy enough to work on while I'm in the city. I also have a simple scarf I'm working on during my 45 minute subway commute each way to school.

Speaking of, summer school isn't going too bad. The teacher I'm working with, Mr. E, is a nice guy, though quite disorganized which really throws me off. I never really know what's going on. The school isn't too bad. It's in East Harlem. The kids aren't that bad...they're not great but they could be a lot worse. I only work Tuesday through Thursday (there's no summer school on Friday's except for high school students and Monday's we miss for professional development bull crap). Thursday Mr. E was absent so I taught the whole day. My first and second period classes weren't that good but the third was...but then again there's only 7 or so students.

My friend Megan from school came to visit for the weekend and we had a lot of fun. Friday night we went out with my next-door neighbor Melissa and her friends from the area. We didn't get home until 6:30 in the morning. We watched it get light (the closest thing you can get to watching the sun rise in the middle of the city) at Union Square Park while rats scampered around near-by. They're not as scary as they look once you're around them for a while. They didn't come all that close to us either. I'm still scared of them though.

Yesterday the only somewhat productive thing me and Megan did was go see Harry Potter. EEEEK. I wasn't crazy about the movie but it wasn't the worst one yet either. I agree with Kimi that it just didn't have enough depth to it, but can you blame them when they're trying to fit a 3 inch book into a 2 hour movie? I still think they should have made some of the books into more than one movie to do them justice. But then again, you know what's going on when you're a real fan who has read the books and I guess that means they're not trying to cater to the people who don't read the books, which makes me happy.

I head back to the city tonight. Hopefully I can get my computer fixed soon because it's really driving me crazy to not have internet. HP said that I'll probably have to wipe out my computer and reinstall everything. I've backed up my computer already just in case they say to do it tomorrow when I call. Hopefully then I'll have the internet again.