Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mets vs. Cards

Last night we went to the Mets game for Chris's (stepdad) father's day gift. Bro got the tickets and they were pretty good seats for the nosebleeds. Mr. Met made a brief appearance for the T-shirt contest...he's my favorite :o). I started a new baby blanket specifically for this...easy needles to sneak in and an easy pattern to work on. Only problem is it has cables and I forgot to bring my cable needle so I opened up a paperclip I had been using as a placemarker. The game was pretty good...some slow points. But the bottom of the 9th was amazing. Everyone was on their feet yelling and clapping. The Mets tied the game but never got that extra run. In the 11th inning the Cards got two runs and the game was over. Good game overall.

As for today, it's 11:45 and it's already 82 degrees out...which really sucks when we don't have AC here. I'm going to the movies to see Knocked Up for a matinee to kick the midday heat. I can't take sitting down and sweating when I'm not moving.

My sweater is coming along nicely. I've gotten up to the separation for the neck hole. It's making it's way towards being done and it's getting easier. I think I'm going to go back to those kids socks I made...meaning the one sock I made and never made a match for. What I really should be doing is cleaning and organizing before the in-laws come this weekend...but I'll just put that off until Friday. I can't wait for Friday night when fiance comes home from Jersey! We're apparently going to the movies to see License to request. Now I'm off to eat and shower to cool myself down.

Monday, June 25, 2007

New Sweater and Craigslist

I decided to put up some pictures of my new sweater. I'm getting pretty far for only having a few days behind of working on it. I got the yarn with a gift certificate (from Christmas...eek) at The Village Knitter in Babylon ( They have so much awesome yarn, it took me forever to pick. Unfortunately they didn't seem to have anything cotton...just wool, cashmere, merino...aka the best of the best stuff. I chose a wool one but if it's too hot for the summer I'm sure I'd still wear it in the winter. I just hope it's school appropriate (that's if I get a job).

I also took pictures of a lot of my crocheted baby blankets and the knit one I just finished and posted them on Craigslist. Hopefully someone will like them and buy them all...ha! That'd be great. I could use the money. I have to get the other two blanket sets from my mom's house so I can take pictures and put them up there too.

It's been a boring day. I don't like fiance being in New Jersey for the week because then I'm stuck here with no one to talk to all day. It won't be a problem for long though because in one week I'll be in Brooklyn training for my summer school job. Woo hoo! Until then, I'll just keep cleaning/organizing the house for fiance's parents' visit this weekend.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Post...First Sweater

Yay my very own knitting blog! I'm sure this will turn into my life/venting/teaching/wedding blog too eventually, but right now I'm thoroughly addicted to my needle work (seeing as I don't have a real job and no money to go out with my friends).

About me...I'm just out of college, living on Long Island with my wonderful fiance and daddy and hamster...and occasionally my brother and cousin. My uncle (aka the one legged ninja) lives in the camper in the backyard with us...yea. I'm in the process of looking for/finding a teaching job. If you know of openings...let me know!!! They're pretty scarce around here.

In a week I leave for the city...a whole month living in Brooklyn and teaching little kids to read in New York. I'm sure I'll be spending all my free time in the parks knitting or crocheting and using all my pay at the fancy knitting stores. Maybe I'll even run into Debbie Stoller ::gasp::. That'd actually be pretty cool. I think I'd be starstruck. That's kinda sad.

OTN: My first sweater!! It's the Little Black Top pattern from Stitch N Bitch but mine is going to be teal. Also crocheting my seat belt baby blankets all the time (Stitch N Bitch Happy Hooker...yes I'm addicted to these books).