Sunday, April 26, 2009

Innovations in Knitting?

My world if finally coming to a calm period again.  Which means I can finally update!  As a birthday gift to myself, I took my first ever knitting class.  The class was to make the Hugs n Kisses Wrap designed by Shiri Mor at Knitter's Therapy, a most amazing LYS run by the wonderful Shawna.  She has definitely been the sweetest and friendliest person I've ever met working at a yarn store.  Shiri is a super nice and down to earth person and very enthusiastic about what she does.

The pattern itself is a rather easy cable pattern.  I really love how the center braid looks.  Our yarn used for the pattern came out a lot fuzzier than Shiri's sample had, even though it was the same line of yarn.  I don't mind though because it's just so soft and cuddly.  The yarn is Suri Merino by Blue Sky Alpaca.

This is where I was early in the month with it...

Not too long into the pattern, I can't help but notice mistakes I made at the very beginning of the cables.  I try to ignore it, continuing to the knit knowing no one but myself will ever see them.  

Can I leave it alone though?  Of course not.  My knitting OCD took over and I dropped 3 different cables down to pretty much the first couple rows just to fix it.  

But now I'm happy I did because I know it's perfect and I can't let myself have anything but when I know I am capable of doing it.  

The XO's are so adorable and you can see the mitred border that I started on the bottom.  The wrap is much longer now but no new pictures yet.

I started to get bored with this recently actually so I've been looking for some other patterns to do.   At the second class for the Hugs n Kisses Wrap I bought lots of yarn to make the Favorite Cardigan from Custom Knits.  I love Wendy's's definitely one of my favorites out there...and I love her book.  The yarn I bought for the project is Karabella Margrite...soooo soft I'm in love with it.  I spent all of last night knitting the swatch.  Usually I'm a loose knitter so I just automatically go with a needle size smaller than the pattern recommends.  That didn't work for me so I tried the recommended size...still no luck.  I'm actually using a size larger than recommended...something that has NEVER happened to me before.  I guess there really is a first for everything!

Now for my little "innovation" update.  At the Hugs and Kisses class, Shiri commented that it looked a little weird the way I was wrapping my yarn.  She had me do it slowly so she could watch closely and discovere that I knit wrong.  Not a first, but it's been so long that I've done it this way!  Luckily, it's not a big deal, I'm just wrapping the yarn over the right needle instead of from the underside to go over it.  All it does is twist my stitches a little bit and really it doesn't bother me (this actually helps me count rows a lot easier in stockingette stitch).  She said it would affect my gauge but I've never had a problem with it so I have no intentions of changing my ways now.  I just need to note if I'm ever teaching someone to knit (again) to show them the right way to wrap the yarn instead of my way.  I think this is partially why I'm such a fast definitely takes noticeably less time to wrap my way.  Maybe this is also why I'm such a loose knitter?  Either way, it works for me.