Monday, August 20, 2007

No knitting news for today yet

I've just been working on Marie's poncho all day. In the process of switching needles I tried it on and it's looser than the picture shows but that's okay. It just covers my shoulders so I have a ways to go still.

I had another job interview this morning. I don't really want the job. I just wanted the interviewing practice. Chris came with me for some reason. He said he wanted to go for the ride. It was nice having someone to talk to on the ride at least. And then he took me out to lunch and bought me some vegetarian supplement pills when he went to the health food store.

As soon as I came home I started looking at the real estate websites to look up houses in the Moriches area. That's where were're thinking of moving eventually. I found a great house in the village of Center Moriches that was built in 1890. Desperately needs some landscaping though.

The yard looks pretty crappy but the house is the age and style that I want. Art's not so thrilled with the age though. It doesn't matter that much because we're no where near being able to afford a house yet, especially on one income. It's listed at $337,000 and seeing as how combined we have $5,000 (half of which is my bonds from childhood that go towards my college loans) we're no where near ready for a house. I love it though, maybe even more with a new paint color :o).

P.S.: I'm #11155 on Ravelry. Only 1682 people in front of me!