Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's been a while

My life has been so utterly hectic lately. Work is going pretty good, but it's keeping me busy. I don't get home some nights until 6 or 7 and by that point I just want to veg. I've been doing Weight Watchers again though and I've lost 4 pounds. Woot!

As for my knitting...
I finished the cabled poncho last week. I have to try to get home while there's still some light to take some pictures of it. I started a pair of fingerless gloves with the leftover yarn but frogged them because I just didn't like how they were coming out. I'm trying a new pattern for Nicole's Harry Potter ornaments (even though her birthday was last weekend). I hated trying to sew up those little sweaters so I'm trying another sweater ornament pattern that's knit in the much easier. They're coming out a little bigger it looks like though so I might have to adjust.

At my hometown's country fair today the public library was having a book sale and I bought Kids Knitting for only $1. It's got some cute patterns in it and will be helpful if I ever do some knitting classes or teach my cousin Courtney to knit. (I tried once...she sorta got it. I cast on 10 stitches for her and somehow within a half hour she had about 50 stitches on her needle)

Also at the craft fair, I priced out how much it is to rent a booth there. $75. I'm thinking of stock-piling some of the things I make and rent a space next year. I'm just afraid I won't make it back. I looked at some of the other knit/crocheted goods that people were selling to get an idea on pricing. Some people's things I thought were underpriced while some I thought were overpriced. The secret to it is, though, is to have a little of everything: blankets, baby clothes, doll clothes, dog clothes (there were like 5 booths devoted to pets), baby blankets, scarves and hats. I'll have to expand my patterns a bit and venture to some new projects.

That's really the only knitting updates I have. It doesn't sound like much but I was so happy to see the poncho finished. It was starting to really drag working on it.

Monday, September 3, 2007


My life is utter CHAOS right now. I really need to get to sleep. I finished Mom's hat and have made my way through most of Grandma Marie's poncho (thanks to 2 straight days of doing nothing but watching Heroes DVDs). I start the new job tomorrow. Updates on that and maybe some project pictures to come.