Sunday, October 28, 2007

Slowly Making Some Progress

Work is still keeping me busy these days and on top of that (and getting ready for the holidays) I just applied for a grant to take an online class. The class total costs about 2 grand and there's no way I'm paying for any of that. If I get the grant, then I'll take it. The class is 3 sections that at the end I'll have an Associates Degree for preschool. Just something else to add to my resume that will hopefully help me get a real job for next school year.

As for my knitting, I've started the Menswear Striped Scarf for Chris' Christmas gift, although if it's done early enough I'll just give it to him for his birthday. Not that he really needs it in NC but maybe for when he and Mom come up here for visits or his trip to Mt. Everest, if that ever actually happens.

I've also finished a simple blue crochet scarf that I work on in the mornings. Some of the traffic lights take so long that I work on it mostly when I'm sitting at them. It only took about two weeks of mostly working on it only then.

I frogged the almost finished fingerless glove I was working on. I totally screwed up one of the cables and since it wasn't going to fit my hands anyway, I just took the whole thing apart. I have to re-work the pattern to fit my hand. I actually checked the gauge on this and everything so I'm not sure why it came out too tight. I think it's because the yarn is thinner than was used on the glove I was copying.

Last week I went to the Village Knitter for some yarn for a pair of socks that will eventually be for Nicole. They're going to be argyle in pink, purple and an off-white. I actually already have her Christmas gift for this year so I'll probably save them for a post-holidays project for next year's birthday.

I feel like I've got so many projects to get done for the holidays and so little time to work on them. I stayed at work late Wednesday for a meeting (2 and a half hours!) and I worked on Chris' scarf through the whole thing. I need to stop reading so many knitting blogs so I have more time for my own knitting!