Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back to Knitting

The night before New Year's Eve was the official end to my unintentional sabbatical from knitting. Thank goodness.

The week of Thanksgiving I got an awesome promotion at work...I now have my own classroom at the day care (a whopping $3 raise...more awesome for my resume than anything). The only problem with this is I have had NO time for ANYTHING. The house is a mess and I literally did not knit or even keep up with my knitting blogs. I could barely keep up with my email inbox. I dropped Weight Watchers (maybe restarting this week??). I worked overtime every day and worked at least one day a weekend at the card store.

I know I'm whining. But it was a crazy 2 months. But now they're cutting down on overtime and I'm having more time during the day to get stuff done at work. And I'm so happy to be knitting again.

I caught myself up on lots of knitting blogs this afternoon. Last weekend I found a blog of a girl I graduated high school with which lead me to Etsy. This is great for anyone trying to sell anything they knit or otherwise make. I'm thinking of opening my own store soon for all my random knitting projects (subway scarf projects and leftover yarn baby blankets).

I also recently got my very fist iPod. I know I'm behind, but I had an awesome Creative Zen mp3 player from before iPods were even known...but I dropped it too many times and it stopped working. I tried so hard to fix it but nothing worked. With lots of Christmas money, I caved and bought an iPod. Oh the wonders I was missing out on. I have been addicted to listening to back episodes of the KnitPicks podcasts. I can't wait to get the books Kelly talks about and try some new knitting techniques. I'm really getting bored of the same old projects and am so ready for real sweaters and socks.