Monday, June 25, 2007

New Sweater and Craigslist

I decided to put up some pictures of my new sweater. I'm getting pretty far for only having a few days behind of working on it. I got the yarn with a gift certificate (from Christmas...eek) at The Village Knitter in Babylon ( They have so much awesome yarn, it took me forever to pick. Unfortunately they didn't seem to have anything cotton...just wool, cashmere, merino...aka the best of the best stuff. I chose a wool one but if it's too hot for the summer I'm sure I'd still wear it in the winter. I just hope it's school appropriate (that's if I get a job).

I also took pictures of a lot of my crocheted baby blankets and the knit one I just finished and posted them on Craigslist. Hopefully someone will like them and buy them all...ha! That'd be great. I could use the money. I have to get the other two blanket sets from my mom's house so I can take pictures and put them up there too.

It's been a boring day. I don't like fiance being in New Jersey for the week because then I'm stuck here with no one to talk to all day. It won't be a problem for long though because in one week I'll be in Brooklyn training for my summer school job. Woo hoo! Until then, I'll just keep cleaning/organizing the house for fiance's parents' visit this weekend.