Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Post...First Sweater

Yay my very own knitting blog! I'm sure this will turn into my life/venting/teaching/wedding blog too eventually, but right now I'm thoroughly addicted to my needle work (seeing as I don't have a real job and no money to go out with my friends).

About me...I'm just out of college, living on Long Island with my wonderful fiance and daddy and hamster...and occasionally my brother and cousin. My uncle (aka the one legged ninja) lives in the camper in the backyard with us...yea. I'm in the process of looking for/finding a teaching job. If you know of openings...let me know!!! They're pretty scarce around here.

In a week I leave for the city...a whole month living in Brooklyn and teaching little kids to read in New York. I'm sure I'll be spending all my free time in the parks knitting or crocheting and using all my pay at the fancy knitting stores. Maybe I'll even run into Debbie Stoller ::gasp::. That'd actually be pretty cool. I think I'd be starstruck. That's kinda sad.

OTN: My first sweater!! It's the Little Black Top pattern from Stitch N Bitch but mine is going to be teal. Also crocheting my seat belt baby blankets all the time (Stitch N Bitch Happy Hooker...yes I'm addicted to these books).